Local Consultation

Our guide to Local consultation at the Medical Research Council

The MRC recognise that the best way to engage employees in meaningful consultation is through a Local Trade Union Side (LTUS) and the MRC actively encourage staff to join a trade union. The role of a LTUS is to provide a collective staff view on issues that affect staff at unit level.  It is only by having a collective arrangement such as an LTUS that the full value of trade union membership can be realised.   The law makes provision for employees to be informed and consulted on decisions that are likely to lead to substantial changes in their contracts or work organization.

The ACAS guidance (below) outlines the principle of this consultation.

An effective LTUS, able to present well founded arguments, can play a real role in informing and influencing management decisions.   When a unit is subject to review (QQR, New Director’s Review, Management Initiated Reviews, Strategic Reviews and ad hoc Reviews) the LTUS should be consulted and is also required to scrutinise the process.  If decisions are made to close units, research groups or facilities the LTUS have a role to play in consultations aimed at minimizing the number of redundancies.  Other issues that are relevant to a LTUS would include the local interpretation of HR policies, local working conditions, monitoring performance related pay awards and the use of local retention and recruitment awards.

The trade unions’ collective agreement with the MRC and associated policies provides the means and the framework by which an LTUS can be formed.  The NTUS is able to provide both help and advice to members who are considering setting up a LTUS.  If you require any information or assistance please contact us by clicking here.